Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Women as accessories

The other day Tomo and I were at the RSL playing snooker. At the table next to us were three people, two young men and a young woman, whom was romantically connected to one of the men.
The two men were playing snooker.
She was not.
She walked around a bit. Then she watched videos on her mobile. Then she played the DS. Then she SMSed a bit, then ate a sausage roll.
And she kept staring at us. Or so I thought.

She was staring at Tomo.

In all this time her apparent boyfriend said all of two sentences to her.

a) To inform her they were going for a smoko (she was left behind)

b) To demand a bite of the aforementioned sausage roll.

I don't know if a girlfriend is more accessory than companion in South China (from whence these uni students came), but I understand if she was feeling a little neglected.
I also understand that this experience of heterosexual relationships may instill some sapphic longing.

But hey, if I was a woman, I'd turn for Tomo.


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