Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is This Awesome or Terrible

In earlier posts I've talked about how people use different mechanisms to discover the quality of goods before they buy them.

At the moment I am in an altogether different bind.

These two albums
Spider-Man : From Beyond the Grave - A Rockomic
Spider-Man - Rock Reflections of a Superhero

Are these the most awful, of the most awesome albums I have ever heard.

The former opens with a wonderful theme, pulsating with bubblegum pseudo-funk pop about the "one lady sex machine" Spider-Man. He is a creature of contrasts.
"Walks like a spider/loves like a man"
"Crawls like a spider/grooves like a man"
"Moves like a spider/tired like a man".

I dare not describe the album any further for fears of collapsing in paroxysms of hatred/joy.

The latter, a collection of every terrible musical cliché of the 70s; funk blaxploitation (Luke Cage us credited with Bass), bad folk (if Donovan was the poor man's Cat Stevens, this is the poor man's Donovan), the embryonic cries of synthesized music and an incongruent doo-wop piece.

Best of all is our treatment of a semi black gospel style song led by that renowned black supervillian....Doctor Octopus. He tells his congregation that he will turn them all into Go-Go dancers.

A fiendish plot preacher.

All in all, is this terrible or awesome. In all honesty, I have no idea.


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