Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Institutional Failure....and just plain stupidity

The other day I posted about Sony, especially as a reason to talk about institutional failure.

There, the material was essentially about organisations failing as a result of individuals within them targeting different aims. The individuals might be doing what's best for them in the short term, and it is only the aggregate that seems stupid.

Which brings me to the events of NSW parliament, and more specifically the actions of Peter Debnam.

I can't explain this.

It defies explanation.

It is simply stupidity writ large. It can make sense on no possible level. When one only has to sit still to win, he has found a way to fail.

Previous stupidity on the parts of oppositions, both at state and federally, do make sense as individual factions chase their own goals. It is unfortunate, but explicable failure. The assassination of John Brogden is a previous example from the NSW opposition.

But this?

There is no game theoretic basis for sheer, bloody stupidity.


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