Monday, November 13, 2006

You don't look.

I'm going to segue off a bit just to record something for prosperity, insofar that a blog gives such a blessing

A few weeks ago the missus and I were at an A-League encounter between the Newcastle Jets and Adelaide United.
For many years at football matches I had the pleasure of sitting in front of a knowledgeable Yorkshireman who gave good commentary in possibly the greatest accent ever bequeathed upon man. To this day I habitually cheer in my ersatz version of said accent.
Unfortunately this time that was not the case. The people behind us were stupid. Moronic. Inane. Idiotic. I could exhaust the thesaurus and not do them justice, and I shall not subject you to much of their conversation (which in accordance with the laws of the universe was as loud as it was brainless), just the best bit.

At one point, their conversation somehow turned to the sexualisation of preteens. An issue of obvious concern to many people throughout society, including, it seems, men of such dubious intellectual prowess as those behind us.
One snippet went:

"I think it's fucking disgusting the way you see tits on 10 year olds now"
"You know I have a 10 year old don't you mate?"
"well....yeah....but you know, you take a look..."
"no you don't"
"no.... I mean, you look...."
"No don't look. You don't look".

It may lose something in the transcription, particularly the grim, humourless sincerity of the second speaker, but I found it hilarious.

You. Don't. Look.


Blogger gtveloce said...

Bizarre coincidences sometimes happen - or happen all the time and aren't bizarre at all. Anyway, I walked to Saratoga shops on Saturday and as I passed the wharf noticed how incredibly young some of the well built young girls were - I couldn't not look, they and their mates were running at me in their swimmers like a herd of tiny elephants. I had to dodge them before they hit me. I get back home and my wife relates a conversation with the mother of an 8 year-old who is showing signs of similar development. Bodies maturing waay earlier than minds - not a good thing, we agree. Let this not happen to our daughters, please, we also think!!! And then I press the random blogging button and I find you posting on pretty much the same topic!!! And NO, you DON'T LOOK! Unless they are about to knock you off the footpath...! Cheers, nice blog.

4:16 pm  

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